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Opening round, our referee's will scatter players across the game field.  When the whistle is blown, it's every man for himself - last one standing wins!

Team Deathmatch

Players are split up into teams, last team standing wins!

The Lone Ranger

There is an outlaw among us!  His goal is to try to win over all of the deputies over to his side.  Only the sheriff can stop him, but he must first find out who he is

Protect the Rocket

Each team tries to secure the rocket for a total of 5 minutes.  First team to do so wins.  If you are shot, return to your base and wait for the ref to re-spawn you.

Zombie Attack

Epic battle between humans and zombies.  Players split up into two teams: Zombies and Humans.  Zombies don't carry guns and must walk at all times.  Once they tag a human, the human drops his gun and becomes one of the Zombies.  Humans win only by shooting all zombies.  

Capture the Flag

Players are split into teams with the goal to capture the other teams flag before you get shot


Your team must protect the VIP.  The other team must figure out who the VIP is, and shot them out before time expires

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